Since culinary school, I have been keeping a notebook, many notebooks at this point, of recipes, proportions and food combinations that I found useful.  If you were to look at my notebooks you would know that you reached a particularly successful recipe by the appearance of the page.  If the page had side notes or indiscriminate food stains clouding notes, then you will know that page was referenced often.  As a young chef, I was very possessive of my notebook;  never leaving it unattended.  Nowadays, I am happy to share the contents…I usually have to translate though.
Up until this blog, these notebooks are as close to a diary that I have every known.  The pictures below are from a menu brainstorming session most likely while sitting at the bar after service.  Those times after service, when the area chefs would get together to talk shop with whoever hadn't managed to leave, were always very special to me.  Regardless of rank or pedigree, everyone was equal.  I miss moments like that the most.